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Create as many operational zones as you want (Dallas, Houston, Los Angles, etc..) and apply only services you want to offer to each area. Our system maintains your master services and inventory list with no duplicates.
Big Features For Small Businesses

Regionalize Your Inventory & Services Without Duplicating Or Creating Multiple Accounts

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Maintain Different Prices For Different Areas

Maybe today you don't operate in multiple zip codes, cities, states, or regions, but some day you might, and when you do.... JobMatePRO will grow with you without additional data entry or maintenance, or multiple accounts. Enter a service or inventory item once, and then use it in different areas with different pricing. The order system automatically selects the right services or products and pricing for that region based on the zip code of the service address.

Single Inventory Item In Database

Data entry, and management becomes important as you expand. Having a system where you enter an inventory item ONCE, and manage pricing for different areas is important, and will become more evident as you grow. Imagine for a moment that you operate in 5 different cities. Do you really want to have to enter that "Power Washing" service 5 different times? What if you operate in 70 cities nationally? Now it becomes a real problem to do something simple like correct a spelling mistake, or change a price. Change it one time in our system, and you're done.

No Need For Multiple Accounts

Many other software systems require that if you want different prices in Los Angeles than Dallas, you have to create multiple accounts. and that costs you money. With JobMatePRO it's all included in the one price. It's not "extra".. It's INCLUDED. Not to mention all the data entry to manage and maintain sales, clients, accounting, etc.... in more than one account. The JobMatePRO system allows you to do it all from one account, and it keeps everything straight for you.

Five Benefits Of Inventory Management Specific To Regions

Businesses require effective management systems that can optimize their operations and ensure smooth-running processes. For small businesses, inventory management can be a challenging aspect of their operations. However, a business management system that is capable of regional inventory can be vital in streamlining operations and driving success. Such systems can help businesses to optimize their inventory management, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

A business management system that is capable of regional inventory allows small businesses to track their inventory across different locations. This helps businesses to ensure that they have the right stock levels at each location, which can lead to reduced inventory holding costs. Moreover, by being able to track inventory in different regions, businesses can more easily identify which products sell best in which regions, enabling them to optimize their product offerings for each region and increase revenue.

Another reason why a business management system that is capable of regional inventory is important for small businesses is that it can help them to manage their supply chain more efficiently. With real-time visibility of inventory across multiple locations, businesses can make informed decisions about which suppliers to use and how much inventory to order, ensuring that they are not overstocked or under-stocked.

Small businesses that operate across multiple regions also face challenges when it comes to managing customer orders and deliveries. A business management system that is capable of regional inventory can help businesses to streamline their order fulfillment processes, ensuring that they can deliver products to customers in different regions quickly and efficiently.

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