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Our system allows for tasks to have an unlimited number of files uploaded, and returned to the client. This functionality is great for photographers, or service providers that provide proof of service.
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The JobMatePRO
Digital Deliverables Management System

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One of the most powerful features of the JobMatePRO system is its document / file management system for jobs. This system can be used to deliver digital deliverables to clients when they have paid. Each task can have its own set of digital deliverables or "release" folder. However, the client only sees a unified "released documents" folder. This gives you the best of both worlds. You can manage the digital deliverables at the task level, but the client sees the files as a "collective" for less confusion.

Digital Deliverables At The Task Level

The JobMatePRO system lets you create digital deliverables folders at the task level that can be individually tracked. This is especially helpful when you need to provide "proof of service provided" photos, or other documents associated to the task you are servicing.

Let's say that you're a photographer, and you're shooting a property for interior photos and aerial photos. Each of these tasks can have their own file folders, and digital documents associated with the "Photography" task.

Likewise, maybe there is an editing task also? The system can automatically make any files uploaded by the photographer visible and accessible to the editor.

DropBox Integration

JobMatePRO will also integrate with DropBox for delivery of files to clients, or other support people like editors, inspectors, or administrators.

You can also create custom folders and routing scenarios by which digital deliverables are routed from photographers to editors, or other support teams.

Product / Software Delivery

JobMatePRO can be used to deliver customized software solutions to clients such as keyed ZIP, EXE files, NFT's, and more. We'll be happy to work with you to help you get exactly the solution you need.

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