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Manage Unlimited Businesses, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Clients, Unlimited Quotes, Unlimited Invoices, Unlimited RFQ's, Unlimited Service Regions, Unlimited Inventory / Services..... Unlimited Possibilities For Lawn Care Businesses | $29.95
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Managing Your San Antonio, TX Lawn Care Business Just Got Easier & Less Expensive

Only $29.95 / mo
Full Access To System | Unlimited Businesses | Unlimited Users | Unlimited Regions | Unlimited Invoices | Unlimited Quotes | Unlimited Employees | Unlimited Services | Unlimited Products | 24/7 Client Order Portal | Unlimited Potential

If you are a small San Antonio, TX Lawn Care business with multiple service providers, then you know how hard it can be to keep up with everything. Our software system makes that much easier and more profitable than ever before.

Create Invoices & Quotes With Ease

Create invoices and quotes, email and text them to clients with one-time or recurring line items. Auto reminders with emails and texts to clients, and service providers.

Schedule Tasks With A Single Click

Meet the easiest scheduling system available. With single-click scheduling, it's just as easy to use our scheduling system on a full size computer as it is a phone.

Intelligently Dispatch Service Providers

Dispatch your Lawn Care service providers anywhere in the San Antonio, TX area and beyond, based on criteria like how close they live to the job, or how far away their previous job is, region, zip code, static zone, rotating zones, geo-fencing, or break the entire San Antonio, TX area down however you want.

Regionalized Services & Products

Create as many operational regions and zones as you need, and assign services & inventory to that region, with its own pricing, but maintain a centralized services list. The best of both worlds! It's great for businesses that operate in multiple cities or regions and have different pricing for each.

Customize All Email & SMS Communications

With our system, you can customize all of the system emails as well as create new emails that you might need to add. Let's say that you need to create an email that sends your 1099 to clients. You can do that! Maybe you need to regularly send your POI. You can do that too!

Setup Service Providers By Their Capability

Today...Jimmy has a drone, but Janet doesn't. Tomorrow...Janet buys a drone, and Jimmy crashes his. Janet doesn't have a video stabilizer, but Sarah does. When you get more than just a few service providers who are doing jobs for you, keeping up with this kind of thing can be extremely difficult, but not any more!

Jobs Assigned At Task Level

Stop duplicating invoices because you need to assign multiple service providers. Now you can create a single invoice, add your services (line items) and assign multiple service providers to each line item based on their capability. Every line item can have multiple tasks (photographer, editor, inspector) and each task can have its own service provider. Track every task, and its level of completion with ease.

Customizable Questionnaires

Each line item can have its own standardized questionnaire / survey that ensures you get the answers to questions you'll need to know before sending out the service provider. Things like lock box codes, gate codes, etc. Anything you want to capture! Create your survey, and attach it to a service in the inventory system, and it will be there every time you add that item to an invoice.

24/7 Portal For Clients To Place Orders

Your clients will have access to an online portal that's available 24/7 to place orders. They will be able to see your services, and add to a RFS (request for service). You can review it, convert it to an invoice, and schedule it with the client being informed all along the way with email and SMS notifications.

Job File Management System

Our system allows for tasks to have an unlimited* number of files that can be uploaded and downloaded by service providers and clients. This is perfect for POS (proof of service) photos that can be returned to the client, but the magic doesn't stop there. You can even create custom folders for service providers like editors, inspectors, and others. Control the workflow for files from beginning to release to the client.

Reports... Reports.... Reports

We offer a dozen reports that help keep you well informed of the status of your business, jobs, tasks, service providers and everything inbetween.

We also offer custom report development. If you need a report, we're more than happy to build it for you. Usually for free!

"Nancy" Is Your AI Assistant

In one sentence. Nancy tracks everything in your business. Nancy is your right-hand man so to speak. She keeps you well informed of over 500 points concerning your business, alerting you when something needs attention. Issues like service providers running late, files not delivered, tasks not closed out, unassigned tasks, unscheduled tasks, new quotes, and a whole lot more.

Great Reasons That Our Business Management System Is Right For Your Lawn Care Business

A business management system is crucial for the success of any lawn care business. With the growing competition in the industry, businesses need to stay organized, efficient, and effective. A well-implemented management system can help lawn care businesses achieve these goals by providing real-time data and insights that can be used to make informed decisions.

One of the primary benefits of a business management system for lawn care businesses is that it can streamline operations. This includes scheduling appointments, managing inventory, tracking equipment maintenance, and managing financial transactions. By automating these processes, businesses can reduce the risk of errors and save time, which can be used to focus on delivering quality services to customers.

Another important benefit of a business management system is that it can help lawn care businesses improve customer satisfaction. With the ability to track customer preferences, manage feedback, and communicate effectively, businesses can deliver personalized services that meet the unique needs of their customers. This can lead to repeat business and positive reviews, which can help attract new customers.

A business management system can also help lawn care businesses improve their financial performance. By providing accurate and up-to-date financial data, businesses can make informed decisions about pricing, budgeting, and resource allocation. This can help increase profitability and reduce costs, which can be reinvested in the business to fuel growth.

Lastly, a business management system can help lawn care businesses stay compliant with industry regulations and standards. This includes managing safety procedures, complying with environmental regulations, and adhering to local laws and ordinances. By staying compliant, businesses can avoid legal issues and reputational damage, which can harm their bottom line.

In conclusion, a business management system is essential for the success of a lawn care business. It can help streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, boost financial performance, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. By implementing a business management system, businesses can gain a competitive edge and position themselves for long-term success in the industry.

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